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October 2017 (1+0+2+0+1+7) becomes a 2 month

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Group Reading Deeper Exploration…

1. What are the 7 Levels of the Consciousness Line? The 7 Levels are a specific way for you to understand the different levels of awareness / consciousness. When a person finds their intuitive nature begins to open up, it can be confusing and sometimes frightening. Having at least a brief understanding of how the layers work, means it’s a much less daunting experience to find you have intuitive or empathic insight. Read more about the 7 Levels of the Consciousness Line click here:

2. What type of reading did you do in the video? The reading shown in the video relates to a Consciousness Line or Soul Reading. The Consciousness Line straight down the centre of the Tree of Life relates to all Life Codes hence the reason it is used. To jump to this specific type of reading on Heidi’s services page click here:

3. What is an ISP? An Intuitive-Sensitive Person is someone who is already a sensitive (someone born with a sensitised nervous system) but has found their intuitive nature has either opened up, or they have a strong attraction to discovering and developing their inner world. An Intuitive-Sensitive Person has moved into having a thirst for deeper knowledge and self-awareness. Read more about Intuitive-Sensitive People in this article here:

4. What are Life Codes? The Life Codes are a combination of two ancient traditions. Numerology and the kabbalistic Tree of Life are combined to suit a modern and busy life. This combination gives a unique perspective into your life’s mission – to join the personality self (every-day world ‘ego’) and the soul (deeper sense of knowing). Intuition opens up for a person on this journey as a way to connect these two parts of your inner world that leads essentially to a greater sense of purpose, peace and belonging in the world. You can get access to a Free Life Codes ebook and Life Codes mini-course here:

5. How can I get a copy of your Tree of Life? You can download it from here (no optin required):

6. You mention in a previous video “Intuitive-Sensitive Group” what is that, how do I become a member? Heidi’s Circle is a membership environment for Intuitive-Sensitive People. It offers two LIVE sessions a month with Heidi where she gives readings and works through aspects of the Consciousness Line with members. You receive your own member area, connection with other members, meditations and tutorials specific to The Circle. You also receive discounts on Heidi’s products and services. For full details visit here:

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