Weekend Tarot Guidance Reading For 10/6-10/8 2017

P.S. I got so caught up in the message, that I forgot to mention the announcement.

*I will do a separate video dedicated to the announcement:)

To book a personal guidance reading with me visit my site:
email:[email protected]

Monthly subscriptions available on my site:

(PLEASE READ) Readings will be sent as a voice recording (with exception of the monthly subscriptions) or video recording/live stream session per request which is an additional . 
The timeframe to receive your reading will be within 7-10 business days from the purchase date of the reading (My website is going to be updated from the 3-5 business days timeframe). Weekly Readings are sent out the last day of the week for the following week and Monthly Readings are sent out the last day of the month.
Please email me within 24 hours with your questions at [email protected]

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