Symphony Number 5: ‘The Power Of Life’ (By Paul A. L. Hall – Paulhallart).

Power and Life destroy pollution – humankind is returned to nature & peoples the Universe; this is the symphony, the “word-less song” in 14 movements or “parts”.

Paul A. L. Hall’s Fifth Symphony — “The Power of Life”
The Titles of the 14 parts:

Blossom Voice, One Extraordinary Average Flower, Flowers from Nowhere, Five Examinations of a Royal Blue Flower, The Lone Yellow Flower, Blossoms of the Sky Gold, Six Triumphant Flowers, One Magnificent Blossom, The Golden Flower, An Extreme Flower Unfolds, The Reds-and-Whites are Blooming like Mad, A Symphony of Yellow in a Solitary Flower, Powerful Flowers Present Themselves, and Sparkling Flowers…

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