Reading The Entire English Dictionary In One Video!

Chase Pitcher, inspired by other idiotic endurance challenges like the viral counting to 100,000 video, reads every defined word in the English dictionary in almost exactly nine hours. Ending at nearly five in the morning the next day, have some fun scrolling through the video to see the effects of fatigue and insanity set in!
All ad revenue from this video will be going to local animal shelters. Once the money has been accumulated this spring, I will be posting a video showing the final donation giveaway(s) and amount(s) that YOU, the viewers, helped with.
This means I don’t make a dime from these challenges which take hours to complete. If you would like higher-quality or more frequent challenges, considering becoming a Patreon supporter here:
Please like and share this with people if you enjoyed, and be sure to comment your favorite part. Here are some notable times you may find interesting:
Start of reading: 2:14
Start of B’s: 27:37
First sign of insanity: 43:48
Start of C’s: 54:16
Start of D’s: 1:43:58
First break: 2:00:41
Second sign of insanity: 2:14:05
Start of E’s: 2:17:02
Start of F’s: 2:35:59
RapidFIRE: 2:43:10
Start of G’s: 2:57:47
Start of H’s: 3:16:35
Start of I’s: 3:37:43
Start of J’s: 3:58:08
Start of K’s: 4:04:09
Start of L’s: 4:10:52
That moment when you leave a “do not disturb” sign on the door but people come in anyway, making for a really awkward moment of silence while they leave: 4:23:00
Start of M’s: 4:40:19
Start of N’s: 5:11:44
Rule #32: enjoy the little things: 5:18:50
Start of O’s: 5:22:47
Start of P’s: 5:41:04
Start of Q’s: 6:22:38
Start of R’s: 6:26:30
Third sign of insanity: 6:29:34
Start of S’s: 6:55:00
Start of T’s: 7:54:52
Start of U’s: 8:22:50
The exact point I stopped caring about pronunciation: 8:32:20
Start of V’s: 8:37:32
Start of W’s: 8:44:55
Start of X’s: 8:58:31
Start of Y’s: 8:58:40
Start of Z’s: 9:00:19
End of reading: 9:01:02

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