Reading My Sisters Mind!!!

In This Video I Am Going To Read My Sisters Mind.
This Is Something New I Am Going To Be Doing In Videos,Is To Do Magic To People.
This One Wasent The Best,But It Was Still Pretty Good.
Hope You Enjoyed!!!

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so right here is my sister Kennedy as you might know but I seriously doubt because she’s not famous like me so anyways right here what iḿ going to do is I’m going to go down just like this and Kennedy can tell me when to stop at any point so come closer with the camera slash phone so Kennedy tell me when to stop at any point with this doesn’t matter where so just tell me when to stop at any point OK make sure the camera can see everything OK stop right there if I can grab it I want you to see that card I don’t want to see got the card I’m looking the other way and if you guys really want to know om not cheating even though there’s a mirror right in front of us you see the card got it locked in your mind go it locked in your mind oh yeah got the camera camera got it was good to watch you got your card right come closer right here alright in order to guess her card is going to have to do something pretty crazy which Criss, angel would do point the camera right here come back watch this watch make sure you can see everything and there cards watch seven of hearts hahaha was it the seven of hearts

I’m A High School Magician Rising Up To Fame.

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