Reading Buses Open Day 2017

This was the best, amazing and epic open day I’ve been to!

Enjoy the video.

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If your new to my channel – you might want to read this: Hi, welcome to LondonBuses1503, I’m a YouTuber who focuses on buses, as my channel name, I mainly do London buses and not outer-London buses, I also focus on the tendering, which is the bidding for bus routes, with that I mean, I do last day of a bus route being operated by a company or last day of a type of bus operating the bus route. I also do route visuals, which is where I ride the bus route end to end and speed it up. I used to do ROBLOX, but due to the fact my microphone broke, I can’t do commentary. Sometimes, I do just normal journeys or bus spot at a certain location. I hope you enjoyed watching this video and you enjoy more videos by me – LB1503 (LondonBuses1503)

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