I Can – Reading Program Series – Reading 3-letter Words (fun And Easy) – Teachers Resources

This video explains to the teacher how to teach 3-letter words (vowel in middle) to kids in a fun interactive way. Even if the kids read these ‘nonsense’ words, they learn to analyze and synthesize which is an extremely important skill for kids to get ready for any formal reading.

I also show teachers how to create their own resources to help the kids to read the 3-letter words with the vowels in the middle.

Keep your eyes open for any new videos in this Reading program series. You can use all my reading videos in combination with your existing reading program. It gives you guidelines how to read in a fun interactive way. The kids love it to get involved in reading with their senses as well as use their gross and fine motor skills.

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Please note that all the videos have creative copyright. You may use, share and download them to use to the benefit of each and every educator and child. BUT NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO USE THEM AS IF IT IS THEIR OWN CREATION. I can/Ek kan Pleasant memories for educators are the only YOUTUBE channel that has copyright to these videos.
(It takes a lot of time and research to create these free videos… please respect the creator’s copyright)

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