‘Currant Of Life’ A Audio/ Video Reading

My very first collaborations on G plus. It
was between +Ken Riccio poems and myself! I was waiting for my tablet to load and it took forever. When it finally did, I ran out of battery!

Current of Life:

I am a golden leaf
Floating in a silver stream
Of love
And you are
The shimmering rocks
at the bottom
I try and stop
To touch you
To see you
But the current of life
Has pushed me away
From you

(Shimmering Rock’s response):

Current of life
Flows within me and without
As the waves that carry your
Golden frame
Surround me like a gentle caress

You declare “I try and stop
to touch you…to see you”
But you say the current of life
has pushed you away!

Oh Golden leaf that sprung
forth from a golden tree
Why such protests…
where is the going away
Don’t you know the stream
that gives you wings to float
Nourishes me continually?

For it is the current of our life
You up there floating above me
While I down below receive thee
By this quick-silver shining stream
That my golden leaf iIs the beauty of our mystery

© 2015 Ken Riccio & Skylark Hatee

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