City Of The Gods Forgotten Video Reading By Christoper Thomson

Raven Press (Scottsdale, AZ) has announced that actor Christopher Thomson will voice the audiobook version of Wynn Mercere and M. Scott Verne’s epic fantasy novel City of the Gods: Forgotten. Thomson is noted for his acting work in the UK-based web series Time Traveller and Today’s Detectives.
City of the Gods: Forgotten is a mythological adventure with a large and diverse cast. Thomson brings the story to life with masterful voice acting that animates characters of all ages and cultures. One of his favorites to portray is the main character D’Molay, a time-worn adventurer trapped in a world filled with gods and danger.
“I like to play him with some wit,” Thomson says. “He’s a man who has spent years within Purgatory and is given a chance at another life in the City of the Gods – who wouldn’t be confident and witty in those circumstances. He’s a fun character to play.”
For novelists Mercere and Verne, hearing their characters “speak” is a unique experience. Mercere is impressed by the creativity of Thomson’s work. “Many audiobooks are merely read aloud, but Chris gives a unique voice to each character. It’s tremendously exciting to hear him embody each personality.”
Production has been underway since early spring and the project will be completed with a Kickstarter later this year. For more about the City of the Gods: Forgotten audiobook and the upcoming release of the final novel in the series, City of the Gods: Ambassador, visit .

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